Side Chick Gift Ideas That Aren’t too Expensive

Side Chick Gift Ideas that arent too expensive

Side Chick Gift Ideas That Aren’t too Expensive

Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Birthdays, finding the right gift for your side girlfriend can be super stressful. What’s an appropriate gift? How much should you spend? What gift sends the message, “you’re important, but not that important”? Deciding on a gift for the side chick can be a difficult task.

To help you find the perfect gift for your mistress, kept woman, side piece, or otherwise girl on the side, we have put together a big list of Side Chick Gift Ideas that aren’t too expensive.  These gifts are sure to make your ISO (insignificant other) happy while letting them know where they stand in the relationship. lol

This list was created in good fun. Please don’t take it seriously! Enjoy!

1. A Snazzy Overnight Bag


Side Chick Gift Ideas 01 Overnight Bag

Before the side chick starts storing her stuff in your medicine cabinet, get her an overnight bag. This way she gets the message that she can come visit, but she can’t stay. This gift also comes in handy for those business trips, i.e., weekend getaways with the side chick.

2. Or… a Cheap Toiletry Bag

Side Chick Gift Ideas 02 Cheap Travel Bag

If the previous gift was not cheap enough, this one should be right up your alley. This inexpensive toiletry bag is sturdy and well made. It should last a long time bouncing around in the trunk of her car.

3. A Nice, Warm Blanket

Side Chick Gift Ideas 03 Warm Blanket

Give your side chick the gift of warmth for those cold nights when you are kicking it with the main chick. This wearable blanket has sleeves and pockets, plus it comes in many colors. The built-in pocket is especially convenient. She can keep her cell phone in it, in case you make a late night booty call.

4. Video Streaming Device

Side Chick Gift Ideas 04 Video Streaming Device

Get into your “Netflix and Chill” mode with this Roku Video Streaming Stick. It costs less than one night on the town so it will pay for itself after just one non-date. This gift also gives your side chick something to do when you’re not with her. Share your Netflix subscription with your side chick for additional savings.

5. “Scandal” on DVD

Side Chick Gift Ideas 05 Scandal DVD

This TV show is a favorite among side chicks everywhere as the lead character is the side piece to the President. While the first season (linked above) was great, feel free to buy any season that is currently on sale!

6. Holiday Bath Gift Set

Side Chick Gift Ideas 06 Bath Set

Keep your lady on the side clean, moisturized, and smelling nice with this inexpensive bath set. Include with it the promise to give her a nice romantic bath! Just make sure to do this at her house. Don’t let your main chick see a half used box of bath bombs. Keep your side chick game strong!

7. Red Pumps

Side Chick Gift Ideas 07 Red Pumps

If you are the “take off your clothes but leave the red pumps on” type of guy, these Ivanka Trump dress pumps are sure to make your side sex great again! 🙂

8. Emergency Contraceptive

Side Chick Gift Ideas-08 Plan B

OK. Maybe this isn’t an appropriate item for any type of gift. However, anyone engaged in the side chick game should be aware of this little doozy. For a relatively small, upfront investment, you can avoid much larger costs later, such as losing the main chick, having unintended offspring, 529 Plan payments, etc.

9. Uber Gift Card

Side Chick Gift Ideas 09 Uber

After an evening of “Netflix and Chill”, the extra value menu at the local fast food joint, and a couple rounds of side chick sex, it’s time to say good night. What better way to call it a night than to call her an Uber? Uber provides safe, convenient, and reliable side chick transportation. The arrival of the Uber driver also provides a clear indication to the side chick that it’s time for her to go. 🙂

Share Your Side Chick Gift Ideas and Experiences

That’s it for this list. If you have side chick gift ideas you’d like to share, or if you want share a side chick gift giving experience, please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, feel free to ask if a gift you are planning to give is appropriate. You definitely don’t want to send the wrong message to the side chick!

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